A 'Visit' is any time you step foot into a fitness studio. This could range from a scheduled class to an open weights session.

One workout = One 'Visit'.

Any Exercise, Any Time

Can’t decide if you should commit to a gym membership or a yoga studio? Why settle for one, when you can have them all? Allied Fitness allows you to customize a membership based on all of the exercises you enjoy.

Add your desired fitness studios to the cart, check out, and get ready to sweat. Repeat process each month until you find your new favorite exercise combination! 

Endless Customizable Fitness Combinations 

Our memberships are designed to wear you down physically, not mentally. Keep your body guessing with all of our different exercise option and get fit faster!

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Diversify Your Routine

Want to get hot and sweat in yoga, or squat till you can't walk? We have a studio for that. We make finding your favoirite workouts easy with our customizable 'Visits'.

Unlimited Gyms & Studios

Find which fitness studios are right for you under our Partners Page. Once you’ve decided which studios you would like to 'Visit', simply “Create a Plan” or “Register.” Each month add/drop studios with no fees, commitments, and cancel at any time.


Enjoy 10% off any fitness studio with access code: ALLIEDFITNESS

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What's Next?

Pick and choose all of your favorite gyms and studio with our flexible monthly 'Visits'. From Yoga and CrossFit to Boxing and Pilates, find your new favorite ways to workout.

Once you checkout you will receive a confirmation email from the Allied Fitness team with registration instructions. Start warming up're in for one active month!

What is a 'Visit'?

Custom Memberships 

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